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Journal of the International Scientific Researches (IBAD)

Journal Id - JF956

eISSN - 2536-4642


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Dr. Hayrulah Kahya

Language - English, Turkish

Published Year - 2016

specialization - Social Sciences and Humanities

Publish By - Dr. Hayrulah Kahya

Description - Journal of International Scientific Researches (IBAD) is a peer reviewed e-journal. Particularly it is intended to serve as an international medium for the publication of work on all field of human and social sciences. IBAD organizes national / international symposia, congresses, conferences etc. or contribute to such activities. IBAD follows stringent guidelines to select the manuscripts on the basis of its originality in other languages, especially Turkish research and review articles in all area of Social sciences & Humanities. IBAD is a refereed e-journal. Annually published at least two issues. In necessary cases, special numbers may also be published.