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Journal Id - JF865

eISSN - 2347-6869

pISSN - 2347-2146

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Mr.Saurabh Chandra

Language - English

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Publish By - Mr.Saurabh Chandra

Description - SOCRATES is an International, Multi-lingual, Multi-disciplinary Refereed and Indexed Scholarly Journal. Description of the journal SOCRATES : SOCRATES is available in both Print and On-line versions. Printed Version (ISSN 2347-2146) On-line Version (ISSN 2347-6869) Journal Frequency : Published quarterly in March-June-September and December i.e. Four Issues in a year. Script/Language of the Journal: Multi-lingual - English, Hindi, Persian Subjects/Disciplines Covered: Multi-disciplinary (22 Disciplines) Mission : SOCRATES aspires to be one of Worlds’s leading Journal Publishing innovative, responsive and high quality Research Papers. Socrates is a serious, scholarly publication that is peer-reviewed and indexed; and we only accept quality manuscripts to publish in this international journal .Our mission behind introducing and initiating this journal is to motivate Scholars who have the willingness to Produce and publish quality research and discuss his/her original research, thoughts and ideas. We strongly believe in the concept of connected academic world. Thus we have indexed our journal at some of the best citation centres. - See more at: