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Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences

Journal Id - JF850


pISSN - 1999-8716

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Technology (General)

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Publish By - College of Engineering/ University of Diyala

Language - English

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Publish By - College of Engineering/ University of Diyala

Description - Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences, founded in 2008. It is a scientific journal published by the Faculty of Engineering - University of Diyala and Has been recorded in the Library and Archives under the number (1077) for the year 2008 (ISSN 1999-8716). Diyala Journal of Engineering Science adopted since founded and so far on the ongoing evolution in terms of supplying professors of scientific titles campaign (Professor, Assistant Professor) and various competencies both in our university or in other Iraqi universities, and varied in the publication of research in various scientific and engineering disciplines, and its dependence on the residents of competent specialists and acclaimed scientific integrity and good reputation. Diyala Journal of Engineering Science in 2008 issued its first volume in December 2008 which contains (12) in search of various engineering and scientific disciplines and the various titles of scientific researchers in our university or other Iraqi universities.