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Journal of Economic and Social Thought

Journal Id - JF835

eISSN - 2149-0422


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Economics

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Publish By - Bilal KARGI

Language - English

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Publish By - Bilal KARGI

Description - The sole purpose of JEST is to be a prestigious journal which contributes to scientific knowledge. In order to keep this purpose, JEST, adopts and follows the publication policies of world’s prestigious scientific journals. All original and qualified works which may contribute to the scientific knowledge, are evaluated through a rigorous editorial and peer review process. Hereby, JEST is an international, peer reviewed and scientific journal. It strictly depends on the scientific principles, rules and ethical framework that are required to this qualification. JEST is published as four issues per year, March, June, September and December and all publication policies and processes are conducted according to the international standards. JEST accepts and publishes the research articles in the fields of economics, political economy, fiscal economics, applied economics, business economics, labour economics and econometrics. JEST, without depending on any institution or organization, is a non-profit journal that has an International Editorial Board specialist on their fields. All