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Sumy Historical and Archival Journal

Journal Id - JF831


pISSN - 2227-183X

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: History

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Publish By - 2005

Language - English

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Publish By - 2005

Description - Journal is intended for historian scientists, who study outstanding questions of Ukrainian and World history, archival and historical source sciences. «Sumy Historical and Archival Journal» has the following regular columns: «Archival science», «Memoiristics, Epistolarity», «Historiography. Source Studies», «History of Ukraine», «History of the world». Short revisions of scientific publications which appeared lately together with the reviews on them are provided in every issue. Moreover, brief announcements about scientific events (conferences, academic publications presentations, round tables, etc.) are published. The peculiarity of the journal is the presence of big number of texts of unknown or little-known primary sources with scholarly commentaries and historical explorations. Some materials are supplied with illustrations: photos, drawings, schemes, tables.