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Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences

Journal Id - JF821

eISSN - 1999-8716

pISSN - 1999-8716

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Technology (General)

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Publish By - 2008

Language - English

Published Year -

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Publish By - 2008

Description - Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences was founded on 2008 devoted to publication of peer reviewed original high-quality research papers and review papers in topics of engineering, science, and technology. Areas of both theoretical and fundamental interest as well as those concerning on industrial applications. The overall focus is on original and rigorous scientific research results which have generic significance. Diyala Journal of Engineering Sciences focuses upon aspects of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, communication and electrical engineering, materials engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, environmental engineering, architectural and urban planning engineering. The journal published four volumes per years.