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Economy and Sociology. Theoretical and Scientifical Journal

Journal Id - JF750


pISSN - 1857-4130

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Subject: Economics

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Publish By - Editorial complex NIER

Language - English

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Publish By - Editorial complex NIER

Description - ECONOMY AND SOCIOLOGY is scientific-theoretical journal, founded in 1953 with a periodicity of four issues annually. The journal was founded in 1953. The journal “Economy and Sociology” is recognized as scientific publications in the field of „B”. Economics and Sociology is an international journal reviewed. The editorial board consists of 38 researchers from Moldova and abroad. The journal is published four times a year by the National Institute of Economic Research of the Academy of Sciences. The purpose of the Journal „Economy and Sociology” is publication and disseminating the valuable scientific results in the fields of economics, finance, statistics, demography and sociology, as well as creating the conditions for access and exchange of information for national and international academic community. The objectives of the Journal „Economy and Sociology” aims to: • improving the quality of scientific content and graphic format; • expanding of geographical origin of authors; • indexing and promoting the journal in international databases; • compliance with the emergence periodicity of the journal; • maintenance of free online access to the articles (full- text). The journal is indexed in the following international databases: DOAJ IDEAS EconPapers LogEc SOCIONET INDEXCOPERNICUS,3.html OAJI RePEc EZB