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Subject: Technology (General)

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Publish By - ESRG Journals

Description - IJETA wants to play a vital role in knowledge sharing in Computer Science Trends & Technology and various Engineering Applications discipline. It is highly motivate to the students, researchers, M.Phil, PhD scholars to finish their degrees and on going projects. It is also provide the opportunities for Many researchers to share their knowledge, emerging trends and innovative ideas. Company Overview IJETA is the Best online Journal of Computer Science and Engineering and Eighth Sense Research Group Journal is one of the eminent research foundation in computer,engineering,business,networks. Description IJETA is a leading international online journal for publication of new ideas founded by engineers, academicians and corporate people. The research results and fundamental advances are all aspects of computer science trends & technology and various engineering discipline. IJETA is a scholarly open access Online Journal which helps to academic person as well as student community. IJETA provides the academic community and industry for the submission of original research and applications related to Computer Science and Technologies.