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Journal of Characterization

Journal Id - JF4620


pISSN - 2757-9166

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Publish By - Atilla EVCİN

Language - English, Turkish

Published Year - 2021

specialization - "Journal of Characterization" is a journal covering science and engineering. At the national and international level, the journal accepts research articles that reflect an original research in the fields of science, technology and engineering with their findings and results and contribute to science, or a sufficient number of scientific articles, summarizing the subject at today´s level of knowledge and technology, evaluating and comparing the findings.

Publish By - Atilla EVCİN

Description - Journal of Characterization, which includes both experimental and theoretical studies in the fields of science and engineering, prioritizes the publication of articles on the rapidly developing fields of engineering and aims to focus on interdisciplinary science and engineering, and to bring the most up-to-date scientific and technological developments in engineering sciences to researchers, engineers and related audiences. Scientific studies submitted to the journal should not be published or in the evaluation stage for publication elsewhere as oral or poster presentation.