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The Legends Journal of European History Studies

Journal Id - JF3883

eISSN - 2718-0190

pISSN - 2718-0190

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Pınar Ülgen

Language - Turkish- English

Published Year - 2020

specialization - european history

Publish By - Pınar Ülgen

Description - The Legends Journal of European History Studies is an international online journal that includes all researches on European history and is being published by many academicians from different countries. The journal covers all topics ranging from the Ancient to modern times in Europe, social, economic, religious and cultural structure of politics, art and literature. It also covers sub-disciplines from anthropology to archeology, philosophy and art history. It is also important to have a comparative understanding of history in terms of its relations with other civilizations. The publication of articles in different languages, the presence of language editors and having a wide network of referees give the journal a different character. The Legends Journal of European History Studies aims to be the meeting point for all researchers interested in European history.