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International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy

Journal Id - JF3744

eISSN - 2687-5365


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Subject: Medicine (General)

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Publish By - Necati Ozpinar

Language - English

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Publish By - Necati Ozpinar

Description - International Journal of Academic Medicine and Pharmacy (JAPM) is an open-access and peer-reviewed academic journal for the publication of scientific articles on basic and clinical medicine and pharmacy. JAPM accepts original research articles, reviews, letters to the editor, and case reports for publication. JAMP accepts articles from all areas of clinical and basic medical sciences, all pharmaceutical fields, as well as those on biotherapy, ecto- and endoparasites of medical importance, and microbiota. All articles to be published in the JAPM are peer-reviewed without delay and are published online for immediate access and citation after the publication process is completed. JAPM, is published twice a year (June and December), and is aimed to reach not only the academy but also the sector, the media and the public. - No fees are charged to the authors or readers.