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Journal of Advanced Education Studies

Journal Id - JF3723

eISSN - 2687-3087


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Tuğba YANPAR YELKEN

Language - Turkish and English

Published Year - 2019

specialization - Curriculum and Instruction o Educational Sociology, Philosophy of Education, History of Education o Educational Administration o Educational Measurement and Evaluation o Guidance and Psychological Counseling o Curriculum, Learning and Teaching in Higher Education o Education-Training Studies in the Context of Quality in Higher Education o Teacher Education o Lifelong Learning o Lifewide Learning o Computer and Instructional Technology Education o Adult Education o Special Education o Biology Education o Environmental Education o Geography Education o Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Education o Philosophy Education o Science Education o Physics Education o Fine Arts Education o Chemistry Education o Mathematics Education o Physical Training and Sports Education o Vocational and Technical Education o Museum Education o Music Education o Preschool Education o Health Education o Art and Design Education o Social Sciences Education o History Education o Technology and Design Educationtion o Turkish Education o Distance Education and E-Learning o Foreign Languages Education and similar studies

Publish By - Tuğba YANPAR YELKEN

Description - Journal of Advanced Education Studies is online, open-access, free of charge, refereed and international journal which publishes qualified scientific studies on current issues in the field of educational sciences. In this context, the aim of our journal is to create a rich digital sharing and learning environment in the international dimension, which contributes to theoretical and practical aspects of education. Journal of Advanced Education Studies publishes qualitative, quantitative or mixed-method studies which are qualified and original about all fields of education, It is important that the studies to be accepted in the journal should contribute to the field of educational sciences and include new approaches and models .