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Indian Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

Journal Id - JF37

eISSN - 2455-4294

pISSN - 2347-9981

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Medicine (General)

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Language - English

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Publish By - Red Flower Publication Pvt. Ltd.

Description - Indian Journal of Medical & Health Sciences (IJMHS) is an emerging academic journal in the field of Medical and Health Sciences published half yearly, print and online. The journal deals with all facts of health and medical sciences. The aim and motive of this journal is create awareness, re-shaping the knowledge already created and challenge the existing theories related to the field of academic research in any discipline in general and medical and health sciences. The journal publishes research articles, book reviews, case studies, review articles and personal opinions that can benefit the Medical and Health Sciences researcher’s community. Readership: Doctors, researchers, resource person, medical students, medical scientists and critiques. For the ease of authors, we hereby are listing few main topics that can be considered in the scope of the journal. 1. Dentistry 2. Medicine in General 3. Public Health 4. Nursing 5. Allergy and Immunology 6. Anesthesiology 7. Cardiovascular 8. Dermatology 9. Gastroenterology 10. Gynecology and Obstetrics 11. Internal medicine 12. Neurology 13. Oncology 14. Ophthalmology 15. Otorhinolaryngology 16. Pathology 17. Pediatrics 18. Pharmaceutical Sciences 19. Psychiatry 20. Sports Medicine 21. Urology 22. Therapeutics 23. Surgery