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Journal Id - JF3693

eISSN - 2621-542x

pISSN - 2527-970X

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Publish By - LPPM

Language - Indonesian and English

Published Year - 2016

specialization - Social Humaniora, Science and Technlogy

Publish By - LPPM

Description - The TAMBORA journal which carries the theme "Innovation, Technology, Research and Community Service" is a communication medium for UTS academics with the Sumbawa community. This journal contains the latest information about the UTS campus which is framed in the Editorial rubric, Photo Gallery, Advertisements and Profile of this Month. The scientific column for Social Humanities and Technology Work is expected to be able to provide information and references for the Sumbawa people to recognize the research activities carried out by young UTS researchers. This scientific column is also expected to provide encouragement for other researchers, in order to make them interested in various studies that can be developed on the land of Sumbawa. This TAMBORA journal is published, it is hoped that for readers who can support it for publication, write it down for the next edition. Finally, hopefully the information that we present can provide additional insight for readers, especially UTS students and the Sumbawa community.