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Journal of Vibroengineering

Journal Id - JF3684

eISSN - 2538-8460

pISSN - 1392-8716

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Industrial Engineering

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Publish By - JVE International

Language - English

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Publish By - JVE International

Description - Journal of Vibroengineering (JVE) is a peer reviewed International Journal specializing in theoretical and practical aspects of Vibration Engineering. The List of Principal Topics Acoustics, noise control and engineering applications Mechanical vibrations and applications Fault diagnosis based on vibration signal analysis Vibration generation and control Seismic engineering and applications Modal analysis and applications Vibration in transportation engineering Flow-induced structural vibrations Biomechanics and biomedical engineering Chaos, non-linear dynamics and applications Dynamics and Oscillations in electrical and electronics engineering Fractional dynamics and applications System dynamics in manufacturing system modeling Dynamics of Smart and functionally graded materials