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The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences

Journal Id - JF3678

eISSN - 2148-4325

pISSN - 2149-1909

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Subject: Medicine (General)

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Publish By - Uskudar University

Language - English

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Publish By - Uskudar University

Description - The Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences ( J. Neuro. Behav. Sci ) is a peer-reviewed open-access neuroscience journal without any publication fees. All editorial costs are sponsored by the Uskudar University Publications and the Foundation of Human Values ​​and Mental Health. Each issue of the Journal of Neurobehavioral Sciences is specially commissioned, and provides an overview of important areas of neuroscience from the molecular to the behavioral levels, delivering original articles, editorials, reviews and communications from leading researchers in that field. JNBS ( J. Neuro. Behav. Sci ) is a comprehensive scientific journal in the field of behavioral sciences. It covers many disciplines and systems (eg neurophysiological, neuroscience systems) with behavioral (eg cognitive neuroscience) and clinical aspects of molecules (eg molecular neuroscience, biochemistry), and computational methods in health. The journal covers all areas of neuroscience with an emphasis on psychiatry and psychology as long as the target is to describe the neural mechanisms underlying normal or pathological behavior. Pre-clinical and clinical studies are equally acceptable for publication. In this context; the articles and treatment results of computational modeling methods of psychiatric and neurological disorders are also covered by the journal. JNBS emphasis on psychiatric and neurological disorders. However, studies on normal human behavior are also considered. Animal studies and technical notes must have a clear relevance and applicability to human diseases. Case Reports including current neurological therapies or diagnostic methods are generally covered by JNBS. Besides; The scope of JNBS is not limited to the above-mentioned cases, and publications produced from the interdisciplinary studies established in the following fields and with the behavioral sciences are included in the studies that can be published in JNBS. * Cognitive neuroscience * Psychology * Psychiatric and neurological disorders * Neurophysiology * System neuroscience * Molecular neuroscience * Computational Neuroscience * Neuromodulation, Neurolinguistic, Neuromarketing * Biochemistry * Computational and simulation methods and interdisciplinary applications in medicine * Artificial Intelligence (AI) and interdisciplinary applications in medicine * Brain imaging * In vivo monitoring of electrical and biochemical activities of the brain * Molecular Biology * Genetics * Bioinformatics * Psychiatric Nursing The average time from delivery to first decision is less than 30 days. Accepted articles are published online on average on 40 working days prior to printing, and articles are published in print at 3-6 months after acceptance.