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Jumantara: Jurnal Manuskrip Nusantara

Journal Id - JF3636

eISSN - 2685-7391

pISSN - 2087-1074

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Perpustakaan Nasional RI

Language - Indonesian

Published Year - 2010

specialization - Philology, Culture, Literature, and Language, Archipelago script.

Publish By - Perpustakaan Nasional RI

Description - Jumantara: Jurnal Manuskrip Nusantara is a periodical publication of the National Library of Indonesia which focuses on the development of the Philology and archipelago script science. The scope of the publication lies in the latest studies and research in the field of philology, which includes philology, culture, literature, and language. Journal articles are the results of studies and research sourced from literature studies, field research, and best practices of literacy of culture. Each article contains the latest information by prioritizing the values of renewal, authenticity, and expediency. The purpose of publishing is to actively contribute to improving the quality and accessibility of philological and scientific information, cultural literacy, documentation, information and librarian literacy in the global era. Jumantara: Jurnal Manuskrip Nusantara is published twice a year, precisely in June and December.