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International Journal of Computing and Communication Networks (IJCCN)

Journal Id - JF3607

eISSN - 2664-9519


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Advance Computing and Communication Science

Language - En

Published Year - 2019

specialization - Smart devices; Wireless communications; Cognitive radio; Cloud computing for smart mobile devices; Smartphone apps; Smart wireless/mobile computing and communications; Real-world sensing and interaction; Smart human-computer interaction (HCI); Smart social networks and social network services (SNS); Smart vehicles (should be based on information technology); Smart mobile operating systems (OS); Internet of Things (IoT); Smart multimedia; Security; M2M (Machine to Machine); Smart sensors/bio-sensors; Artificial intelligence for smart computing; Human-ware computing; Big data processing and data mining; Entertainment and games; Smart power electronics; Smart control and robot systems; Smart consumer electronics; U-Healthcare, bio-engineering, smart mobile medical devices; Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS); Integrated circuit; Nanobacterial communications;

Publish By - Advance Computing and Communication Science

Description - International Journal of Computing and Communication Networks (IJCCN) is an international double blind peer-reviewed online Open Access Journal (ISSN: 2664-9519 (Online)). IJCCN nvites original, previously unpublished, research and survey on both applied and theoretical aspects of computing and communications networks. The technology industry and academia have entered a new cycle of technology innovation and growth, which we are calling ‘Smart Computing.’ We had experienced prior cycles, mainframe computing, personal computing, and network computing before smart computing has emerged. Smart computing provides more human-like thinking solutions and it is more complex, blending elements of mainframe computing, personal computing, and network computing. Smart computing usually makes use of collaborative work using software more effectively. Computing devices have become smaller, more mobile, and smarter. In order to achieve the objectives of smart computing, advanced technologies for data communication are importantly required and thus, grow quickly. For reflecting and disseminating the quick growing smart computing technologies, the IJCCN publishes articles in a quick way by online publication and fast peer-review. IJCCN provides high quality and depth regarding the revolutionary technological advances in smart computing. The Journal presents novel content from academic and industry experts on a wide range of topics, including protocols, applications, architectures, information management, middleware, security, and standards. Articles should be original, which have never been published in any other journal or proceedings.