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Journal Id - JF3586

eISSN - 2582-0400


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Supriyo Chakraborty

Language - Englsih, Bengali

Published Year - 2019

specialization - social sciences, Humanities, English Literature, Bengali Literature, Comparative Studies

Publish By - Supriyo Chakraborty

Description - Litinfinite journal presents the ideal platform for research scholars, students, faculty, and independent researchers to publish their original and unplagiarized contents. Litinfinite champions the creative potential of individual poets and story-tellers, who can submit their slices of life through poems, interviews, micro-fiction and ruminations on various subjects. This bi-annual journal aims to celebrate Indian writing in English, and it invites scholarly and comparative studies blending segments like arts, humanities and social sciences. It promotes new writers with talent and the creative zeal who want the right platform to publish. Litinfinite invites comments, feedbacks, references and suggestions from its readers. We are happy to contribute in our own way to the growth and proliferation of creativity and enthusiasm (with a bit of eccentricity). Litinfinite is a bi-annual journal. We publish two issues- one in June and the other in December. It is an open-access journal that endeavours to find out some of the most intrinsic, research-oriented pieces in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It is an English journal with a keen eye for variety and eclectic ideas amalgamated together. As an English literature journal, Litinfinite boosts new writers, academics, researchers, poets, critics, reviewers and commentators to spread their ideas on this chequered platform. Litinfinite provides the benefit of publishing quality articles within timeline, and at present we are open to unsolicited submissions 24X7. You can do a brainstorming regarding all your creative thoughts, and we are open to display advertisements for myriad products.