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Journal of New Approaches to Basic Sciences, Engineering and Engineering

Journal Id - JF3583

eISSN - 2645-5439

pISSN - 2645-5439

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Iran

Language - English/Persian

Published Year - 2017

specialization - Different aphids of basic sciences (all trends) - Engineering sciences (all trends(

Publish By - Iran

Description - The Journal of Modern Approaches to Basic Science, Engineering, and Engineering Research is published under the Publication License No. 80376 from the Ministry of Justice. This journal, in collaboration with the renowned university professors of the country, publishes scholarly papers on research in various fields of science (all trends) - engineering science (all trends). The purpose of this journal is to develop and deepen the attitudes and research related to the axes of the magazine and to present them and disseminate them to the audience.