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Pakistan Business Review

Journal Id - JF3561

eISSN - 2521-8706

pISSN - 1561-8706

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    
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Subject: Business and Management

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Publish By - Institute of business management

Language - English

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Publish By - Institute of business management

Description - Pakistan Business Review (PBR) is the premier journal of Institute of Business Management (IoBM) which is in continuous publication since April 1999. It is Pakistan’s first refereed academic research quarterly focused on areas related to business and industry. PBR is an HEC approved X category journal. It is abstracted and indexed by the American Economic Association’s EconLit, the Journal of Economic Literature, USA, and EBSCO, New York. It is supervised by an international advisory board of academics from national and international organizations such as the London School of Economics, the University of Sussex, the University of San Diego and Indiana University, USA, Bochun University, Germany, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the International Association for Clean Technology, Austria. International advisory board members are also drawn from China, Spain, Columbia, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Lithuania, and Nepal. The Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, the Applied Economic Research Centre, the University of Karachi and the Agha Khan University faculty are also represented on the board.