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International Journal of Biosciences (IJB)

Journal Id - JF3494

eISSN - 2220-6655

pISSN - 2222-5234

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Biology

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Language - English

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Publish By - INNSPUB.NET

Description - International Journal of Biosciences is a globally known ISI journal with high impact factor & cross reference indexed journal that publishes high quality original research papers together with review articles and short communication on Biology, Plant & Animal Sciences, Molecular biology & Genetics, Biotechnology & Biochemistry, Plant Physiology and Protection, Mycology & Pathology, Forestry & Ecology, Environmental Biology, Phycology, Aquatic & Marine Biology, Fisheries, Zoology, Poultry, Agricultural science etc. by 12 (issues) publication frequency in a year.