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Edik Informatika

Journal Id - JF3465

eISSN - 2541-3716

pISSN - 2407-0941

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat

Language - Indonesian and English

Published Year - 2014

specialization - Journal Edik Informatika is a scientific publication of research results in the field of Computer Science and Education Informatics that raised the issue: 1) Development Research Results in the Field of Information Systems, 2) Research Results Informatics Education.

Publish By - STKIP PGRI Sumatera Barat

Description - Jurnal Edik Informatika (JEI) is a journal Informatics Study Program STKIP PGRI West Sumatra. JEI publishes research papers, technical papers, conceptual papers, and case study reports and educational technology. The first edition of JEI was published in 2014. The journal is managed by Informatics Education Studies Program STKIP PGRI West Sumatra, Indonesia and discusses the latest trends as stated in its focus and scope. JEI provides editorial members, peer reviewers, and authors, both of which are professional institutions related to the objectives and scope of JEI. JEI is an unpaid journal. The JEI publication is divided into two editions, published in March and November each year. Articles written in Bahasa Indonesia (English) OR English. The abstract should be in English. This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.