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At-Taradhi: Jurnal Studi Ekonomi

Journal Id - JF3459

eISSN - 2548-9941

pISSN - 1979-3804

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    


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Publish By - Universitas Islam Negeri Antasari

Language - id

Published Year - 2010

specialization - At-Taradhi: Jurnal Studi Ekonomi accepts only Bahasa Indonesia, English and Arabic. The following types of work can be submitted: Research Paper, Conference/ seminar/ workshop paper, Case studies, Book Review, and Technical Report. The coverage area of studies includes, but not limited to, the following subjects pertaining to Islamic Economics and Finance: Banking Insurance/ Takaful Accounting Business Ethics and Legal Issues Work Ethics, Islamic Work Ethics Corporate Social Responsibility Financial management Business management Business policies, strategies, and performance Business and retail research Business policy and decision-making Business security and privacy issues E-Business International business issues Consumer behavior Customer relationship management Marketing management and strategies Relationship management Management and retail marketing Public relations and retail communication Creativity in Internet management and retailing Innovation and product development

Publish By - Universitas Islam Negeri Antasari

Description - At-Taradhi: Jurnal Studi Ekonomi, is published twice a year in June and December with a focus on economics and the like with the same science