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Mineralogical Journal (Ukraine)

Journal Id - JF3446

eISSN - 2519-447X

pISSN - 2519-2396

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Subject: Geology

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Language - English

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Description - Mineralogical Journal (Ukraine) is a periodical scientific-theoretical journal. Each article is reviewed by leading scientists. Journal publishes original articles covering issues of mineralogy, biomineralogy, geochemistry, petrology, geochronology, mineralogical and geochemical search methods and evaluation of mineral deposits, as well as the reviews of the books and chronicle materials. Since 1979 in the forty years 40 volumes of the Journal were published. Except Ukraininan scientists the Editorial Board is represented by many foreign scientists from Canada, USA, Germany, Poland, Russia. The Editorial Board of the Mineralogical Journal (Ukraine) pursues a policy of open access to reviewed scientific publications. This policy contributes to the improvement of scientific information exchange, it increases works citation and accordingly facilitates the effectiveness of scientific activities of the authors who publish their articles in the Journal. All the articles can be freely viewed, read, downloaded and printed. The Mineralogical Journal (Ukraine) Policy states there are no national, racial, religious, political or other types of restrictions for the publication of the articles.