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Journal of Management Engineering and Information Technology [JMEIT]

Journal Id - JF3325

eISSN - 2394-8124


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Computer Science

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Publish By - JMEIT

Language - english

Published Year - 2014

specialization - Engineering Management Information Technology

Publish By - JMEIT

Description - JMEIT is a multidisciplinary fast growing journal. We are serving three major developing areas of the world, Management, Engineering and Information Technology. JMEIT is an online journal, being paper - less we are also supporting the trees, also the world has become paper less in working email, text and website are the major tools to do the business. JMEIT is an open access peer - reviewed and referred research journal and it is FREE to view and download the articles submitted by the researchers. JMEIT believes in the theory of open access so that all people should get access and get benefited from the resources available like various articles submitted in the field of Management, Engineering and Information Technology.