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European Journal of Sports Science Technology

Journal Id - JF330

eISSN - 2908-2409


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Public Health

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Language - English

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Description -  The European Journal of Sports Science Technology is a scientific  journal  edition   by  the  international  academic  of technology of sport sciences in Sweden and it has four branch offices  and the  journal  focus  on  publishing  the  sciences researches in the field of sport sciences, where the researches presented for publishing are subjected for scientific assessment by certified scientific committees and the research is accepted and provide the researchers by  written publishing determination by the directors of the offices in the  branches mentioned  below,   and  the  journal  publishing  the  scientific researches in five  languages and has board of editorial from different  countries  and  the  journal   is printed  in Cairo  and distributed  without  charge,and  based  on the scientific  and international standards  requirements imposed by universities for publishing in the scientific journals, thus the  journal has   international standard number edition from the international center of the scientific journals and the head office is Paris,