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Journal of Applied Linguistics and Literature (JOALL)

Journal Id - JF3269

eISSN - 2503-524X

pISSN - 2502-7816

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Languages and Literatures

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Publish By - FKIP UNIB

Language - English

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Publish By - FKIP UNIB

Description - Journal of Applied Linguistics and Literature (JOALL) is a peer-reviewed professional journal with the editorial board of scholars mainly in applied linguistics, literature, and English language teaching (ELT). It is published by the Postgraduate Program of English Education, Universitas Bengkulu, Indonesia with the ISSN (online):2503-524X; and ISSN (print): 2502-7816. The journal seeks to disseminate research to educators around the world and is published twice a year in the months of February and August. The newest template has been published since Volume 4(1): February 2019.