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SALU-Commerce & Economics Review

Journal Id - JF3253

eISSN - 2522-3291

pISSN - 2415-5284

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Subject: Business and Management

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Publish By - Shah Abdul Latif Univrsity Khairpur

Language - English

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Publish By - Shah Abdul Latif Univrsity Khairpur

Description - SALU-Commerce & Economics Review (P-ISSN-2415-5284 | e-ISSN-2522-3291, is a peer-reviewed research journal published once a year. Commerce and Economics Review aims to publish conceptual, empirical and applied research. The empirical research published in CER focuses on testing, extending and building management theory. The goal is to expand and enhance the understanding of business, management and economics through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. SALU-CER is also a platform for insightful and theoretically strong conceptual and review papers which would contribute to the body of knowledge. SALU-Commerce & Economics Review publishes high quality research studies in the fields of marketing, management, organizational behavior, accounting, economics, public finance, labor economics, econometrics, and business law. Although, SALU-CER has a preference for academic studies, however, it also welcomes research studies from independent researchers and practitioners.