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Quality in Primary Care

Journal Id - JF3150

eISSN - 1479-1064

pISSN - 1479-1072

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Public Health

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Publish By - insight medical publishing

Language - English

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Publish By - insight medical publishing

Description - Quality in Primary Care is an international peer reviewed journal for those researching, teaching or practising in the fields of quality improvement, clinical governance or clinical audit related to primary and prehospital care. The journal is concerned with all aspects of quality and quality improvement in primary and prehospital care and the interfaces between primary, secondary and social care. We publish high-quality original research that advances knowledge on these topics generalisable to other settings and countries and from other disciplines related to medicine, including nursing, practice management, professions allied to medicine and social science. The journal is supported by a strong Editorial Board which includes colleagues from the United Kingdom, United States, Europe and Australia. Quality in Primary Care is affiliated with the International Federation of Primary Care Research Networks,North American Primary Care Research Group and the Australian Primary Health Care Institute.