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Integrative Journal of Global Health

Journal Id - JF3129

eISSN - 2576-3911


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Subject: Medicine (General)

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Language - English

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Publish By - insight medical publishing

Description - Integrative Journal of Global Health is a peer reviewed journal that focuses on providing insights into various aspects of health care, public health and health education research and practice, that is intended towards improvement of health standards of people across the globe. The journal publishes recent findings on medical diagnostic tools, environmental health, nutrition, non-communicable diseases, emerging communicable diseases and their socio-economic impact. The aim and scope of the journal is very wide and includes health issues related to water and sanitation, infectious diseases, adolescent health, child health, maternal Health, stress, fitness, yoga, diabetes, global and region specific mortality rates, HIV/AIDS, Obesity, diet and the growing impact of air, water, soil and noise pollution. The journal also publishes critical analysis of the rules and guidelines concerned towards improvement of health quality and their time to time amendments made by international health agencies such as the World Health Organization, UNICEF, World Food Program and the United Nation. The journal welcomes the publication of expert opinions as well as proceedings and outcomes of international global health conferences.