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International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research

Journal Id - JF299

eISSN - 2349-5677


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Subject: Business and Management

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Language - ENGLISH

Published Year - 2014

specialization - Entrepreneurship Resources Management and Sustainable Development Strategic Management Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Social Entrepreneurship Cost management and Internal Communications Organizational Behavior and Business Ethics Organizational Theory Investment Management Knowledge Management Financial Management Financial Mathematics Financial Econometrics Financial Analysis, Diagnostics and Evaluation Risk Management e-Payments (Electronic Payments) and e-Taxation (Electronic Taxation) Corporate Governance Cross-Cultural Dimensions of Business Economics Global Business Environment Analysis Tourism and Hospitality Management E-Business, Entrepreneurial Management and IT Information and Knowledge Modeling Public Administration Management Organizational Culture Arhitecture Management Psychology Business Management Financial Accounting Risk and Decision Analysis Financial Services Management Financial Markets and Portfolio Management Production and Operations Management Quality Management Business Ethics Integrated Manufacturing Systems Control Systems Labor Economics Monetary Economics International Trade Health Care Management Public Finance Fiscal Policy and Taxation Electronic Finance and Internet Banking Supply and Logistics Management Virtual systems management Business Law Public Management and Governance Agribusiness and Agricultural Economics Education Management Business and Economics Engineering Management Theory


Description - The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research publishes original and high quality contributions that will have a significant impact on the theory and practice of economics, business, management and organizational research. Manuscripts that are suitable for publication include but not limited to empirical analysis, case studies, survey methods, analytically approaches or applied theory. Intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches are especially encouraged. The International Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Researches an international peer-reviewed journal that significantly contributes in terms of providing new solutions and research perspectives for current economic challenges, especially in the context of globalization.