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Journal of University Research

Journal Id - JF2978

eISSN - 2636-7459


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Durmus Gunay

Language - English, Turkish

Published Year - 2018

specialization - Topics: Philosophy of Higher Education Globalization and Internationalization Entrepreneurial Education, Innovation, Research & Development Strategies Quality Assurance System in Higher Education Finance of Higher Education The Relations among University, Society, Industry, and Business World Structure of Universities The Transition from High School/College Education to Higher Education Foundation and Private Universities Higher Education and Students Miscellaneous Topics

Publish By - Durmus Gunay

Description - The journal is directed mainly to the concept of a university and so higher education area. The aims of this journal are to contribute to university culture and to provide research studies for the use of all stakeholders in higher education. All original and innovative, scientific research articles, previously unpublished anywhere, will be accepted.