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SHAHIH : Journal of Islamicate Multidisciplinary

Journal Id - JF295

eISSN - 2527-8118

pISSN - 2527-8126

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Anthropology

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Publish By - LP2M IAIN Surakarta

Language - Indonesia - English - Arabic

Published Year - 2016

specialization - Anthropology, Sociology, education, economic, islamic studies, law and humanity

Publish By - LP2M IAIN Surakarta

Description - SHAHIH : Journal of Islamicate Multidisciplinary is an Islamic Study Research Journal published by the Department of Research and Public Service (LPPM) of the State Islamic Institute of Surakarta ( IAIN Surakarta). First published in 2016, SHAHIH is published twice a year ( January-June and July - December ). The released articles are the publication of Islamic Study Research that consist of fieldwork as well as text that is reviewed from various perspectives, in terms of philosophy, anthropology, economics, sociology, philology, psychology, education, communication, etc. This journal is dedicated to explore and socialize various creative and innovative new ideas from the researchers, academics, and practitioners who focus on the development of Islamic Study.