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Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences

Journal Id - JF2868

eISSN - 2594-3405

pISSN - 2594-3405

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Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Vinayak College of Health Science

Language - English

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Publish By - Vinayak College of Health Science

Description - Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) Vision “ENRICHING BEAUTIFUL MINDS TOWARDS INTELLIGENT MINDS” The Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) aims to disseminate scholarly research articles and papers to the wider community with the aim of offering an academic and scientific platform that provides an outlet to authors. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) is an open access online journal. Initially, the JIS will provide an online version, but is planning a print version later in this academic journey. The Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) focuses on a high-quality academic research articles and papers. All categories of research are of interest to the JIS, including insightful empirical studies, conceptual papers, commentary, essays, and theoretical articles. JIS is an interdisciplinary platform and invites authors, academics, students, researchers, leaders, managers, scientists for their contributions in the disciplines of sciences, sociology, education, philosophy, humanities and management. Articles and Papers of scientific and academic rigour in Qualitative, Quantitative, Mixed or Blend methods are welcome. JIS intends to publish two issues per annum. Submissions to, and Publication in, the JIS is free. All papers submitted for publication will be peer reviewed. Journal of Interdisciplinary Sciences (JIS) mission is to “Guide Beautiful Minds Towards Intellectual Enrichment”