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Рідне слово в етнокультурному вимірі/ Native word in ethnocultural dimension

Journal Id - JF2711

eISSN - 2518-1602

pISSN - 2411-4758

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Subject: Languages and Literatures

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Publish By - 2007

Language - English

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Publish By - 2007

Description - The native word for ethnocultural dimension [Text]: Scientific Papers Collection / Ivan Franko Drohobych State Pedagogical University. – Drohobych: Posvit, 2015. – 568 p. The collection of scientific papers deals with the functioning problems of language as an ethno-cultural phenomenon. In the articles the connections between linguistic and cultural phenomena are found out, the interaction of ethno-cultural and ethno-psychological factors in the functioning and evolution of language are revealed. This language units research allow you to solve a kind of ethnic culture spiritual code, because many linguistic units are not the markers of objects themselves but realities reflected the worldview and people outlook. The collection includes three sections: 1. The principles and ethnological studies problems of modern linguistics. 2. The word as a means of artistic ethnoworld reflection. 3. Sociocultural aspects of the formation of linguistic identity.