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Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number Theory

Journal Id - JF2707

eISSN - 2333-1232

pISSN - 2333-1100

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Mathematics

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Publish By - Science and Education Publishing

Language - English

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Publish By - Science and Education Publishing

Description - Turkish Journal of Analysis and Number Theory is a peer reviewed, open access journal that devotes exclusively to the publication of high quality research and review papers in the fields of number theory and analysis. An importance is placed on a vital and important developments in number theory, analytic number theory, p-adic analysis, q-analysis with its applications, fractional calculus, functional analysis, asymptotic analysis, differential geometry, theory of mathematical inequalities, topology, geometric analysis, numerical verification method, mathematical physics, semigroup theory, relativistic quantum mechanics, summability theory, sequences and series in functional analysis, line theory, general algebra, applied mathematics, complex analysis, stochastic control and stochastic stability, matrix transformations, normed structures, fuzzy set theory, enumerative and analytic combinatorics.