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The Journal of Iranian Studies

Journal Id - JF2629

eISSN - 2651-4370

pISSN - 2536-2536

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Middle East Institute, Sakarya University

Language - Turkish, English, Persian

Published Year - 2017

specialization - The journal accepts articles about Iran from different social disciplines like history, politics, social politics, economic politics, social studies, religious and sectarian studies, arts and literature disciplines. The magazine is published in Turkish and English and it is planned to accept Persian articles in the coming period.

Publish By - Middle East Institute, Sakarya University

Description - One of the important actors of the Middle East, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the countries with a sophisticated historical background as well as a deep-rooted state institution in addition to elaborate culture. Iran has spread to a wide geographical area basing on the complicated social and political structure thanks to these characteristics and the historical process have. Especially after the “Islamic Revolution” which emerged in the country in 1979, Iran was driven into a separate channel and become a more complex structure after this process. Due to these and similar reasons, we have started the publication process of “Iranian Studies Journal” in order to identify and analyze Iranian neighboring country more scientifically and academically in a more objective and impartial manner.