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Vergentis. Revista de Investigación de la Cátedra Internacional Conjunta Inocencio III

Journal Id - JF2599

eISSN - 2445-2394

pISSN - 2445-2394

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: History

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Publish By - Iuris Universal Ediciones

Language - English, spanish, italian, french

Published Year - 2015

specialization - History of Law, Canon Law, Roman Law

Publish By - Iuris Universal Ediciones

Description - VERGENTIS is a scientific journal of the Innocent III International Chair of Research which intends to be the focal point of reflection and investigation within the domain of History of Law, Canon law, Roman Law and Common Law. Double blind review. This review is published annually in December and June. Works will be evaluated by two anonymous and external editors, unconnected to both the institution and the editorial board according to the system of “revision by pairs” (referee). Acceptances or refusals with the reasons the decision was based on will be sent to the authors before 60 calendar days. This review reserves the right to modify partially the style or format of the works presented. The publication rules can be checked in the last pages of the review.