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International Journal of Energy and Smart Grid

Journal Id - JF2546


pISSN - 2548-0332

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Electrical and Nuclear Engineering

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Publish By - Ineseg

Language - English

Published Year - 2016

specialization - Power, Energy, & Industry Applications Bio-Energy Technologies, Process and Utilization Concept and Structure of Smart Grid Decision Making under Uncertainty in the Integration of Renewable Energy Systems Design of Sustainable Product-Service Business Models Development of Smart Grid Environmental-Friendly Technologies for Power Generation Geothermal and Tidal Wave Energy Hydropower Technologies and Applications Information and Smart Meter Reading Integrated Energy and Communications MEMS & NEMS and Their Applications for Power Generation New Technologies and Design for Energy Efficiency New Technologies for Minimizing CO2 Generation Operations Research for Green Logistics Photovoltaic for Solar Power Applications Power System Analysis and Optimization Power System Planning and Operation Service Optimization for Renewable Energy Supply Solar Energy Utilization-Heat and Mass Transfer Technology Wind Power Generation and Utilization Theoretical developments in planning and operation of electrical and energy systems Data analysis and computation for power and energy systems Integrated operation of information and communication technologies (ICT) in electrical and energy systems Modeling and analysis of modern and future electrical and energy systems New components for future electrical and energy systems Sustainability assessment of electrical and energy systems Energy management methods and systems

Publish By - Ineseg

Description - International Journal of Energy and Smart Grid (IJESG) established in 2016. It is a peer –reviewed international journal to be of interest and use to all those concerned with research in various fields of, or closely related to, International Journal of Energy and Smart Grid. International Journal of Energy and Smart Grid (IJES) aims to provide a highly readable and valuable addition to the literature which will serve as an indispensable reference tool for years to come. The coverage of the journal includes all new theoretical and experimental findings in the fields of Energy and Smart Grid or any closely related fields. The journal also encourages the submission of critical review articles covering advances in recent research of such fields as well as technical notes.