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Ihlara Eğitim Araştırmaları Dergisi

Journal Id - JF2510

eISSN - 2528-9632

pISSN - 2528-9624

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Aksaray University

Language - Türkiye

Published Year - 2016

specialization - Education, Science Education, Math. Education, Turkish Education, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Music Education, Art Teaching, Special Education, Social Studies Education, Pre-School Education, Primary School Education, English Language Education

Publish By - Aksaray University

Description - The aim of our journal is creating an international platform by bringing together of the academicians in education/field education, graduate students, teachers within themselves as well as policymakers and other stakeholders, where they can discuss the innovations that need to be done in order to provide better educational opportunities for the next generations. In Ihlara Educational Research Journal, there are original research articles in the field of education and review studies that evaluate the literature comprehensively.