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Social and Legal Sciences

Journal Id - JF2487

eISSN - 2544-6770


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - Lukas Varhol

Language - English

Published Year - 2017

specialization - Social Sciences, Law, Economy, Pedagogy

Publish By - Lukas Varhol

Description - Social and Legal Sciences is a peer­-reviewed scientific on-­line journal, founded in 2017 by group of specialists from Europe, Asia and the USA. The main purpose of the journal is to enhance the exchange of knowledge in the field of social sciences, including law, psychology, education, political science and social research with emphasis on local specifications. Topics of interest to the readers of Social and Legal Sciences include the following as they pertain to the acquisition, storage, retrieval and use of imaging information in social sciences to improve resources and practices dedicated for further education and research. Journal provides open access to its content and publishes 2 issues per year. All published articles are accessible in pdf format free of charge.