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SOJ Immunology

Journal Id - JF236

eISSN - 2372-0948

pISSN - 2372-0948

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Subject: Life Sciences

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Publish By - Symbiosis Online Publishing

Language - English

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Publish By - Symbiosis Online Publishing

Description - SOJ Immunology (SOJI) is a Peer-Reviewed, international online publication which aims to publish Scholarly Articles illustrating advanced research in the field of immunology. Immunology covers the study of all aspects of the immune system, physiological function and host defense mechanisms of an organism. The journal provides current research information in basic and advanced immunology. SOJI is an Open Access platform for publishing interesting articles that divulge path breaking research on immunological topics like immunity, antigen, antibody, antigen-antibody interactions, immunodeficiency syndromes, autoimmune disorders and hypersensitivity, pertaining to all life forms. SOJI will also feature publications illustrating immunotherapy (active and suppressive). It will cover various approaches that deal with boosting/suppressing the immunity of an individual by plant based immunomodulator supplements, immunomodulator drugs, interferons, cytokines and cell based therapy (dendritic cells, natural killer cells etc.)