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IUN Journal of Social Sciences

Journal Id - JF2174


pISSN - 2395-3128

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Social Sciences

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Publish By - ICFAI University Nagaland

Language - English

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Publish By - ICFAI University Nagaland

Description - The IUN Journal of Social Sciences is a bi-annual publication of ICFAI University Nagaland, managed chiefly by the School of Social Sciences and supported by the School of Humanities. Being academic in nature, it is a scholarly forum initiated, and functions to present original writings, researched topics and reviewed articles and to draw scholarly minds in this sharing of knowledge. The rapid intellectual advancement of the contemporary intelligentsia has blurred the boundaries of knowledge and disciplines. The academia has started acknowledging the prominence and significance of intertextuality across the different fields of studies. It is for this reason that research papers which cut across sister disciplines are also a part of this crudite platform. Like every authenticated academic forum, this Journal too, performs its task of examining all the inputs before they are disseminated to the readers. The editorial committee measures the originality, pertinence and value of every input submitted.