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Uluslararası Ekonomi, İşletme ve Politika Dergisi

Journal Id - JF2122

eISSN - 2587-2559


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Subject: Business and Management

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Publish By - Ali Rıza SANDALCILAR

Language - Turkish, English

Published Year - 2017

specialization - Economics, business and politics

Publish By - Ali Rıza SANDALCILAR

Description - International Journal of Economics, Business and Politics (UEİP), as a refereed scientific journal, aims to act as a platform contributing to the academic enhancement of the researchers by publishing their academic studies. The original and academic articles related to the fields of the economics, business, banking, finance, labour economics, econometrics, public administration and international relations can be sent to the journal for publishing. The articles can be written either in Turkish or English. The journal makes two issues in a year in the spring and autumn periods. The special issue may also be published if deemed necessary. All the linguistic, scientific, legal and ethical responsibilities related to the published articles lay on the authors. The published work in the journal cannot be used without making a reference.