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Fundamental and applied researches in practice of leading scientific schools

Journal Id - JF2044

eISSN - 2313-7525


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Subject: Psychology

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Description - The journal is an international scientific peer reviewed publication that presents the methodological and empirical research of scientists from different countries and reflects a variety of scientific schools and topics concerning an interdisciplinary approach in the understanding of fundamental and applied scientific problems. The main principle of the journal is to promote communication between scientists from different countries of the world. The main research areas of journal are: Psychological Sciences; Social Sciences; Political Sciences; Biological Sciences; Historical Sciences; Economic Sciences; Philosophical Sciences; Philological (Linguistics) Sciences; Jurisprudence; Pedagogical Sciences; Medical Sciences; Physical Education And Sports; Public Administration; Cultural Studies; Social Communication; Interdisciplinary Research. It is published monthly in three European languages: English, Ukrainian, and Russian. The journal is registered by: ISSN International Centre (identification number: ISSN 2313-7525); Copyright is confirmed by SCIREG C CORPORATION, EIN 33-1219486, San Jose, California, USA. Certificate № 1192528236.