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Journal Id - JF1765

eISSN - 2221-3805

pISSN - 2221-3937

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Electrical and Nuclear Engineering

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Publish By - Nauka i Tekhnika

Language - English

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Publish By - Nauka i Tekhnika

Description - The journal publishes results of scientific studies including the development of advanced electromechanicalcomputer-aided systems, design of electromechanical transducers and electric devices, mechatronics, computer systems and their components, intellectual information systems, computer networks and information security in computer systems. It also reflects mathematical modeling and optimization of electrical and computer systems, methods of electric drive controls providing energy saving, modern industrial power supply systems. In addition, the journal publishes materials concerning the computer-aided control systems, design automation and artificial intellect systems. The journal is designed both for engineers and scientists dealing with research, design and service of electrical and computer systems and their components, and teachers or students of Higher Education Institutions (Universities) trained for corresponding professions