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International Journal of Energetic Materials

Journal Id - JF1764

eISSN - 2456-3978


Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Materials

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Language - English

Published Year - 2015

specialization - • Explosives • Pyrotechnic compositions • Rocket and Missile Propellants • synthesis and sensitivity of energetic materials • Molecular orbital calculations • Thermal decomposition and hazards testing • Detonation and/or Deflagration Processes • Rocket Thermal Protection Materials • Combustion of Energetic Materials • Munitions Use and Demilitarization

Publish By - JournalsPub

Description - International Journal of Energetic Materials is a peer-reviewed journal that establishes an international forum for all aspects of energetic materials. Journal focuses on the emerging trends in the field of propellants, thermal protection material and detonation. International journal of energetic material publishes good quality original research articles and review papers.