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Journal Id - JF1742

eISSN - 1309-6273

pISSN - 1300-3070

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Nutrition and Food Sciences

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Publish By - Association of Food Technology

Language - English

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Publish By - Association of Food Technology

Description - THE JOURNAL OF FOOD is one of the means of communication of the Association of Food Technology. The Journal of Food is in the category of scientific and refereed journals which are published 6 times a year. The Journal of Food was initially published in 1976 on the need of a press organ with a view to assess and control of the agricultural products, to recover a product from them by modern techniques, to assess duly by-products and residuals, to determine technological, microbiological and economical issues about the analysis and control, to find these issues’ formulas, to communicate nutrition problems with their formulas to the public opinion and public organizations, and also to collaborate. Starting from the year 1976, The Journal of Food has been published regularly. 170 journals were published and hundreds of articles came up in 29 years since 1976.