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Teoria ta metodika fizicnogo vihovanna

Journal Id - JF1723

eISSN - 1993-7997

pISSN - 1993-7989

Impact Factor - Under Evalution    

Subject: Sports Science

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Publish By - LLC "OVS"

Language - Ukrainian, Russian, English

Published Year - 2001

specialization - Scientific-methodological journal Professional journal in physical education and sports. The journal publishes manuscripts that focus on: movement training theory and methodology; physical education of children and teenagers; sports training of children and youth; physical training at school; physical training in prevention and treatment of children’s and teenagers’ illnesses; theory and methodology of professional training of a physical training teacher; legal framework of physical training in Ukraine.

Publish By - LLC "OVS"

Description - The journal’s regular sections are: “Teacher” — a journal in the journal; physical training history; physical training education; fundamentals of sports training; fundamentals of youth sports; fundamentals of physical exercise technique; physical training at school; physical education of various population groups; information and computer technologies in physical education and sports; legal framework of physical training in Ukraine.